Private Wealth Investment Management

We specialize providing clients with multiple investment accounts a cost effective tax-efficient asset allocation based on their financial plans goals and objectives which we help our clients build by giving our clients access to sophisticated planning software (MoneyGuidePro). Another words, we have the ability to look at the whole investment picture as one combined asset allocation to build a investment plan that is sensitive to future withdrawal needs, dividend taxes, interest income taxes and capital gains taxes.

Our fees quoted as a annual percentage and billed quarterly in straight forward and understandable manner. There no other separate fees billed for our services unless you have opted for a hourly billed fee instead which does not include investment management.

DHW Investment “Check Up” Consultation

Dark Horse Wealth will do a one-time review of investment accounts or plan for possible investment downsides, risks or excessive fees. Our service provides the added comfort of more oversight for those investors that already have their basic investment service needs met or would like a trial run of DHW’s services without any further commitment. Review services include: Assessment  diversification based on investor risk profile, assessment of investment fees charged, addressing specific investment related questions from clients.